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Guided Autobiography is a class to assist people of all ages in writing their memoirs. 
Note: free introductory class, May 11, 9:30-11:30 am. The cost of remaining classes (five weeks) will be $60.
Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation (with Carl Jerome). a weekly drop-in class of theory and practice, open to anyone interested meditation. Begins Sunday, May 7th.
Common Ground prides itself on its faculty. Most of our resource persons hold academic positions, but all have considerable experience and expertise in one or more fields. And, most important, they're all good teachers!

Get to know them. You won't be disappointed.
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Due to very unforseen technical complications (mostly involving online participants not muting their microphones), the Online Tutorial session on Thursday, November 16, was not successful. We're cancelling the remaining sessions. 

But take heart, all four Tutorials are now immediately available on YouTube.