Online Tutorials on Cultural Evolutionary "Sea Change" CANCELLED (Now on YouTube!)

You'll find the Association for Global New Thought's web site for Tutorials at (just click the link). Then click "Access Video Tutorials."

The link will take you to an intro and connections to the four Tutorials (now on You Tube).

The four Tutorials will set the stage for a wonderful series of interactive online discussions "New Thought on the News." These conversations (beginning in late January) will feature Jim, Barbara, and AGNT leaders and will explore the key issues and developments of our time in the light of two vital emerging realities. First, we’re living in a period of accelerating cultural evolution – the progressive movement of many of our most basic values toward a closer fit with reality…toward peace, justice, and ecological sustainability. And second, we’re witnessing an enormous, but necessarily temporary backlash against that progressive shift. These two dynamics inform almost every major news story. We’ll find out how!

AGNT's 800-900 constituent member churches and centers include Unity, Religious Science, and nondenominational New Thought spiritual communities committed to spiritually guided social activism.

Jim has enjoyed a long and productive working relationship with AGNT communities and leaders.
To learn more about the organization and the movement, visit the AGNT web site at