Some of your favorite Common Ground teachers will be offering programs at the North Shore Senior Center, beginning in January 2020. Click "Read More" for a list of Winter offerings.

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Common Ground Teachers at the North Shore Senior Center • Winter 2020

Jerrol Leitner

Diversity in Early Christianity

A cartoon shows Jesus ascending into Heaven with only his feet still below the clouds. His disciples cry out, “Don’t go yet, Lord, you didn’t fix the details!” Without those details, the early community struggles to find its identity and its message. Who is this Jesus who surprisingly rose from the dead? How should we organize our community? What scriptures should we accept? The answers vary dramatically, and the first centuries of the church present a fascinating account of a believing community believing different things.

Wednesdays, April 1 – 8  (2 sessions)  10 – 11:30am   $24 member  $34 non-member       #8377


Jim Kenney
Two Ways of Being Muslim: Sunni and Shi’a

The two main branches of Islam have lived in hidden or apparent tension since the death of prophet Muhammad in the 7th century. Jim will make political and sociological sense of that divide and its continuing intellectual, social and political ramifications down to the present-day tensions in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria.

Wednesday, April 15   10 – 11:30am    $15 member  $20 non-member       #8379